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Saving Rs. 30 a day can make you a Crorepati!

Saving Rs. 30 a day can make you a Crorepati!


Becoming a Crorepati is a dream for every investor and it comes true by saving just Rs 30 a day, but how? Start investing in any of the diversified mutual fund through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). But the fact is that start SIP as early as possible because the early you start investing the early you become a Crorepati. Warren Buffet the world’s most renowned and successful investor who ranks second in of the world’s billionaires list started investing in stocks at the age of just eleven.

Look at the given example:-

If you are 18 years old then by saving just Rs 30 a day you will become a Crorepati at the age of 58. If you save Rs 30 daily and by doing that you have Rs 900 in your hand at the end of the month. Now invest this amount Rs 900 in a diversified mutual fund monthly which yields at 12 per cent per year. Check it by downloading any SIP calculator, enter the given data and calculate. You will be astonished to know as follows:-

SIP Calculator
Enter your SIP amount In Rs. 900
How many months ago did you start the SIP? In Months 0
For how many years will you continue the SIP? In Years 40
The rate of return do you expect per year? In % 12
The total value of your SIP will be In Rs. 1,06,94,178.00

To confirm whether it is realistic or not, follow the given steps:-

  1.  Download SIP Calculator by clicking here

  2.  Enter data as follows:-
    Monthly Investment Amount (Rs.) Rs.900
    Investment Period 40 years
    Expected Annual Returns (%) 12%
    Adjust for Inflation? No
  3.  Enter on Calculate button
  4.  You will see the summary as follows:-


    Expected Amount Rs. 10694178 (1.1 Crores)
    Amount Invested Rs. 432000 (4.3 Lakhs)
    Wealth Gain Rs. 10262178 (1 Crores)

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Saving Rs. 30 a day can make you a Crorepati!
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  1. HI, this article regarding investment I like this article I will share this with my friends.

  2. And what is the guarantee that mutual fund will give 12% yearly return?

    1. Hello Mayank,

      12% yearly return on Mutual Fund investment seems feasible depending on the time horizon. You may go through the given link and find the list of mutual funds schemes which have yielded more than 12% annual return in 10 years.

      List of Mutual Funds yielded more than 12% yearly return in 10 years

      Hope, you are satisfied.

      Best of luck

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